Video Marketing

Video marketing is one of the most used promotion strategies today, you see it practically in everything, and hence it makes its transition from traditional media to social networks.
In this sense, videomarketing can be found as part of the content strategies of brands, especially on the Youtube platform, where there are hundreds of tutorial videos on how to do almost anything.

While it is true that with the help of a mobile phone with a camera, you can produce content at any time, do not leave aside the quality to make sense of the message you want to convey and why it is necessary to know the basic principles that will help you with the creation of your video.
A living example of this is Storytelling, which despite hearing its name more strongly in this digital age is not something new. It was born of Troubadours, of storytelling, only that it adapted to marketing strategies, but its essence remains the same.
Therefore, in this Guide on how to do Video Marketing, you will find every important aspect when carrying out this strategy.

What is Video Marketing?

Videomarketing tries to use videos and everything that comes from the audiovisual world to boost the brand, either to convert visits into sales or to add value to the product.
Videomarketing is a Digital Marketing strategy, to which many companies are betting on its growing consumption by users and its high effectiveness.

Now, it would be vague to stick to the idea that all videos are to promote a product, because in reality it is the opposite.
Video Marketing adds value to the brand, gives it personality and uses it because just as photography had a crucial moment – and still has it-within the online world, video is even more addictive and effective.

Importance of video in today´s Marketing

80% of companies have already incorporated audiovisual resources into their Digital Marketing strategy. This is because the videos immediately attract the user’s attention.
But how is the user today?
They are content consumerists, who all day long thirst for the internet. They are classified into generations, such as Millennials and Generation Z.
Millennials are people who were born in the 80s to the year 2000, and Generation Z are all children and adolescents, who were practically born and already have a cell phone in hand. However, the online world affects everyone equally.


✅ ROI conversion
✅ Engagement with the public
✅ Interaction on social networks
✅ Reach within the online world
✅ Popularity
✅ Gives dynamism and freshness to the brand
✅ The video summarizes the written content
✅ Supports colors, sound, graphic design, voice, words
✅ Users can become potential customers
✅ Help in SEO positioning
✅ Give personality and audiovisual identity to the brand
✅ If you do it right, users will become addicted to videos

5 Most used video marketing types

  1. Corporate video

A more visual and creative way to show your customers how your company works and who works in it. At the same time, it is a way to humanize your brand and make it closer to your audience, which will make it easier to connect with them. We could say it’s a behind the scenes of your own company.

Therefore, with a corporate video we can:

➡️ Publicize your company inside in a more creative way.

➡️ Humanize your brand.

➡️ Connect in a closer way with your audience.

  1. Explanatory video

To explain how one of your services or products works, explainer videos are a very useful resource and easier for users to understand. Among other things, we can get:

➡️ Publicize your products or services in a more creative way.

➡️ That the user understands, in a more visual and direct way, how your products or services work, such as a web application.

➡️ Make the presentation of your products or services more fun, instead of presenting it in a text, as is usually the most common.

A good example of how to make an explanatory video creatively and show that it doesn’t have to be boring, is the DollarShaveClub video.

  1. Video testimonial

It is clear that knowing the experience of other users with respect to a product that you are about to buy, can always influence your decision, to a greater or lesser extent, but it is something that we usually take into account. If these reviews are positive, they can help us choose that product, right?

Many times, the way to present these testimonies is in a written way, but making it visual could give more credibility and make it even closer. So what does a testimonial video bring to our company?

➡️ Humanizing testimonials by putting a face on them and leaving behind a little the fact that they could be fake, which brings us to the next point.

➡️ Give greater credibility to opinions about such product, service, brand, etc.

➡️ Provide confidence to take the step of choosing that product, service, brand, etc

➡️ That users feel identified with what other people think.

➡️ Clear doubts that such users may have before choosing that product or service.

  1. Demonstration video

Similar to the explanatory video we have the demonstrative video. It’s another way to tell how your services work and what you’re going to achieve with them, but in a shorter and more concise way. This way it has to be easy to understand and your products are presented as simple to use. It is also a good idea to use them to present an offer or discount. Then, we’ll get:

➡️ Less difficulty of attention by the user, because the video is short.

➡️ Present our services to the user in an easy and visual way.

➡️ Capture the attention of users with offers and discounts.

I present a small fragment of what was a demonstrative marketing video that we created in Baética, following an infographic for Aelec about smart electricity meters:

demo video marketing

  1. Advertising video

Finally we have the types of video marketing that we are perhaps most used to seeing. These are the commercial videos. With them it is more common to promote a product or service with the aim of getting sales, subscriptions, etc.That is, they are the typical TV spots, but we can also distribute and share them online.

Like the rest, they don’t have to be boring or monotonous, it’s also an opportunity to be creative and original. Look, for example, at this post by Mixta:

Are there more types of Video Marketing?

Of course, we could still talk about recommendation videos by another recognized brand or influencer (it could look like the testimonial video but with more weight on the user), video blog or vlog, video contest, portfolio videos, etc.There is still more, but in this post we wanted to highlight the most used.

It all depends on the approach you want to give your video and why. Think it over! Audiovisual content is a super useful tool that sometimes escapes us.