Discover Newborn Photography

If you like photography and also babies and newborns, newborn photography may be your next vocation. In recent years alone, it has become the sensation among existing types of photography, with the greatest demand among people who want to capture the most exciting and joyful moments of their lives.

The main objective of newborn photography is to get the best shots of the first days of the baby in life. And as a result, photos are obtained that convey the natural essence of the newborn, showing tenderness and remaining as a memory for the family.

It should be noted that newborn photography is not the same as baby photography or children photography, and is often confused. The newborn photograph is obtained in the first days of the baby’s birth, at which time it retains some of its characteristics of when it was in the womb, which we will see later.

After these first days, if you consider the photographic style for babies or children, it is given at a later stage to the newborn. It should also be mentioned how important is the treatment that you have to have with the baby at the time of the photo shoot, which requires a touch and special care since they are babies of a few days of birth.

That said, know in this article what is newborn photography and the most frequent doubts that arise from this type of photography.

What is Newborn Photography?

Newborn photography or newborn photography is a type of visual art that, as the name implies, captures the baby in images in order to get special shots that can only be appreciated in its first days.

Born in the United States in the 90s, and today it is practically a requirement for all families a newborn session of their little ones, which allows them to capture that special moment as a memory.

The interesting thing about this type of photography, is that it is not done at any time, and it is what makes it so special unlike other photographic styles. It is carried out in a single period of time that must be used to make very good sessions.

When to do a newborn photo shoot?
The newborn photograph is taken in the first days of the baby’s birth, in particular, between the first 15 days of life. In this way you can capture the essence of the newborn, in which he does not lose the posture of when he is in the mother’s womb, being totally natural.

In addition, it is a stage when the baby sleeps a lot and wakes up little, which makes it suitable for professional photography sessions.

How to start taking pictures of newborns?

This type of photography requires some experience and care due to how delicate it is to deal with newborns. Unlike other styles, several factors should be contemplated in order not to bother the baby and make him feel comfortable for a successful photo shoot.

For example, a pleasant environment at a good temperature, an exclusive area where you can receive your breastfeeding, all the accessories and implements that must be available for this type of photography.

During the sessions, silence is extremely important, because otherwise the baby can wake up and make the photo session impossible. With which it is recommended few people in the studio or space in which the photos are taken, only the people who will take one next to it.

It is recommended that if you do not have the experience, you should ask for help and advice from a professional of this style. You can also train and acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to do sessions of this type properly. In Master Class Photographers we have specialized training for those who want to start under the style that they like.

What lens to use for newborn photography?

It is recommended to use a 50mm or a 24-70mm lens, to avoid distortions and the image is as realistic as possible. Regardless of the brand of the camera, these two types of lenses are recommended for this photographic style.

Having the baby close to the camera while using a wide-angle lens is very important. The baby’s head should be close to your lens and you can get the best close-ups by putting your hand just above the baby’s nose. Try to do the same thing with regular lenses. If you have a digital camera, you can try to focus directly on the nose and the eyes of the baby while taking the photo. This way, you will get the close-ups of the baby that you want.

In order to get the best macro pictures, you can use telephoto lenses, please be very careful. This will allow you to get some amazing close-ups of the baby that you can enjoy using.

You can try using a telephoto lens for newborn photography if you have a digital camera. You will find that this is the easiest way to get the close-ups that you need. Just make sure that you know how to use the telephoto lens properly.

For newborn photography, you can choose the best macro lens according to the features that you need and the price that you can afford.

There are various types of lenses in the market today. In order to know which one will be the best for your needs, you can try to use different types of lenses and check which one is best for you. Once you have chosen the best macro lens for newborn photography, you can start taking beautiful images of your little one.

Can I take flash photos of babies?

There is a rumor that it is incorrect to use flash on babies because it leaves them blind, which is not true. In newborn photography sessions the flash is used in a way that does not affect the baby, you must have a specific Newborn Photography lighting equipment, always at low power, use a large light umbrella so that the light is soft and cover this umbrella with a white diffuser. The position of the flash should never be direct to the baby, but the lamp at the time of the flash hits the light to the umbrella and this is reflected through the diffuser.

In addition, in the middle of clinics and hospitals, babies are exposed to a lot of light and with enough brightness, different health experts indicate that it does not cause any problems.

What is the right way to wrap a baby?

Wrapping a baby is an art that you must master if you want to venture into the style of the newborn, since this technique gives many benefits for professional photo shoots. On the one hand it helps to calm the baby since being wrapped in his blanket, it allows to simulate the maternal womb, which makes them feel safe and warm.

It also helps to add texture and contrast, which allows you to make splendid pictures, where you can combine with colors and shapes to give style your final edit.

Try to combine with different textures and sizes of fabrics of the same color, and avoid as much as possible a flat surface, it is best that it can be elastic so that it adapts to the shape that the baby takes naturally.

If you would like to know the newborn wrapping techniques and how to perform them, you can take our Newborn Wrapping Course with Marcela Cantú, in which you will learn how to prepare your study correctly and safely to receive a newborn, as well as the latest style, packaging and safety measures for the baby.

General tips

We have already seen everything to consider when doing a newborn session, so the last tip to take into account is the following: planning well is the key to an effective newborn session.

When taking into account many factors, such as the time of the baby’s sleep, the days in which the session is done, the utensils, the people who will accompany the newborn in the photos, the care, the equipment and a long etcetera, it is important that we previously have everything planned to make a very good photo session.

Finally, already in the session and with the baby ready, take many photos, then you can make a filter of those with better angle, the key is to portray the baby on different occasions to take those spontaneous frames that will make the session a nice memory for the family.