Best practices to Shoot Headshot Photography

In the world of photography, portraiture really shines as something special. It’s seen by many as showing off the best of what photography can do. But, it’s also tricky to get just right. A great portrait is more than just good camera skills; it’s about having a feel for the moment and understanding the person … Read more

Wedding Guide: A Photographer’s Checklist

Many photographers may wonder how can they begin their professional journey to photography. Perhaps fear prevents you from taking that first step that leads you to devote yourself completely to this passion. Well, I want you to put your fears aside and provide enough energy to encourage you to take that little step. Within photography, … Read more

Video Marketing

Video marketing is one of the most used promotion strategies today, you see it practically in everything, and hence it makes its transition from traditional media to social networks.In this sense, videomarketing can be found as part of the content strategies of brands, especially on the Youtube platform, where there are hundreds of tutorial videos … Read more

Discover Newborn Photography

If you like photography and also babies and newborns, newborn photography may be your next vocation. In recent years alone, it has become the sensation among existing types of photography, with the greatest demand among people who want to capture the most exciting and joyful moments of their lives. The main objective of newborn photography … Read more