My Biography

Lisa James, future ballerina from Los Angeles, CA.

My name is Jaiden Morris, I live for photography since 1988.

Thank you for visiting my portfolio website

As a family portrait photographer my mission is to create timeless pieces of fine art photography that will be treasured and valued for many years to come and last for generations.  

Since I took my first camera back in 1988 (I was 9 years old) I knew what I wanted to do in my life.

But let’s talk about what I love to do for you now:

All my family photography shoots are on location, using natural light and harnessing the changing seasons to my photographic advantage. So clothes and location are important to discuss and to agree upon in advance.

As a (very real + imperfect) mom of three, I serve meals on the run, and often from the drive-through on the way to or from practice.

I never expect to find a child in the same bed I put him or her to sleep in, and often find them in a giant pigpile together – and am happy to leave them there.

I encourage sarcasm and humor, and die laughing at a perfectly executed one-liner from my seven year old.