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Jaiden Morris Photography

Family Portrait Photography

“We do not remember Days or Minutes; we remember Moments” 

Moments are fleeting and I am blessed to be doing what I always dreamed. I love capturing those thoughtful looks: that little smile; a moment of comradeship between siblings…all those things that you see and know define your family, but in a distinctive style that befits the art of photography.  I capture the best moments for my family clients, which really connect them to that moment and place in time as a memory captured forever. 

This is, without a doubt, my favorite work, with which I enjoy most. I love newborn babies because they are my weakness: their little fingernails, their chubby little hands, those little folds everywhere….. it’s all so tiny and so tender that it makes me want to eat them in small bites.

Do not miss the opportunity to take good pictures of your newborns. It is an unrepeatable and magical moment, if you decide to make a photo report at this stage of your life you will have in your power a simply unforgettable memory.


We have a fully equipped and conditioned photo studio for newborn baby sessions. It is located in Califonia in the beautiful and sunny Santa Monica.


You must keep in mind that to be able to make this type of photographs, your baby must not be more than 10-12 days, being 6 days the ideal age. It is understandable that after the madness that comes with the moment of birth, parents are very stressed caring for the baby. But if you leave it for the last moment it is possible that we do not have appointments to attend you. For them we recommend that you contact us during pregnancy.

This way we will make an approximate estimate of when we will make your photo session and we can offer you our best attention. Once the baby is born, it will be enough for you to contact us (a family member of your trust can do it) to specify the date and time of the photo session (you can do it from the hospital itself).