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DIY Tutorial | Jacksonville’s Newborn & Baby Photographer

Had way to much fun shopping this morning! Beteween Walmart, Hobby Lobby, Home Goods and Micheal’s I scored on many props and DIY projects.


Hobby Lobby- Found this moss, strechy wrap on clearance for $5. Left over spray paint in garage, basket for $2 at the goodwill.


I spray painted the basket, espresso.

With a glue gun I wrapped the strechy moss around the basket & glued together. Voila!


Michael’s- Found this flower wreath 50% off ($10 after discount), basket was old and I took the handles off it, spray painted it a spring green.

Using hot glue I glued the flowers onto the basket, this was a tough one. For some reason it didn’t want to stay glued on. I used rubber bands, cut those in 1/2 and attached alot of the stems by the rubberband.

I used a 5lb weight to hold down the flowers, this helped keep them attached the the basket after I applied the hot glue on. See on the right of the image, you can see how I attached some of the stem using a rubberband.



Here are some of my prop findings today, scored big time!!



Home Goods – $25


Home Goods- $13


This prop is another basket that I worked with Etsy designer, A Mother’s Garden. She made these in smaller sizes and I contacted her about going BIG! I am so excited with how this turned out!! Woolywishes designed a gorgeous leaf hat to match and can’t wait to see the final image!



I am officially propped out for awhile!! Enjoy and hope this post was helpful!!


I love the two baskets you made! The one with the people flowers is my favorite. Great job!


I just love what you came up with and then, that one with the rope *bow* around it? That is awesome. those are some great props and your creativity is wonderful.

Fun fun fun! You’ve totally inspired me! I bought some skinny branches at Ross awhile ago and I’ve been meaning to find a basket I can (hopefully) wrap them around.

Way to go! :) Seriously wish we had a HomeGoods closer than 3 hours away, I’ve seen a few of those “natural” baskets in images and have been searching like a crazy person to find them! :) Great finds!

wow, awesome job! i can never come up with creative ideas like this!

You are so creative!


Great job they look amazing, thanx for the post

That is so crazy that you posted these because I have been trying so hard to find something amazing at a low cost. My budget is dwindling. Lucky for me, I am doing a Micheals trip tomorrow!

Jennifer D

Thanks for the tutorial!! Love love the moss basket! I know this is over a year ago but do you know by chance what those home goods baskets are called? I’ve had no luck finding them :(

I would LOVE to see your tutorials but, they are gone?


The photos are not showing up and i would like to see them will you please resolve this issue.
Thank you kindly.

Thank you for your interest, this post was 2 yrs ago. I’ve since then taken it down.


Hi there, I can’t see the images is it normal?

this is an old post has been deleted., sorry!

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